Collaboration and connecting

Connections and collaboration in the social era

Collaborating in the social era.

Sharing ideas, insights and models that inspire new ways of thinking about collaboration.

There’s a disconnect between who we are as people and how we work together.

We have always been social creatures; few, if any, of us work without relying on contributions from our teammates and stakeholders.

Yet the organizations we work within are making us dumb when it comes to collaboration and innovation.

Our organizations have been built around optimising highly repeatable processes – the industrial production line.

But work is changing; work has changed. We are more often than not involved with barely repeatable processes, challenged to quickly mobilise teams to meet poorly defined but urgent challenges.

The solution isn’t simply flexible working and mobile devices, it’s a mindset shift about how we work and with whom we work.

It starts with you.

It starts with how you communicate, how you build and use your professional network, and how you collaborate with those within and without your designated team.

Source: Ideas, insights and models that inspire new ways of thinking about collaboration a book by Oscar Berg